Thursday, June 2, 2011

Florida student calls

Had a very interesting call from a man in Florida who was in the process of renewing his license. Once licensed his application was to enter annuity sales. (We are now entering an unusual time when there will be a large transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and he wants to service this market.)

His frustration with the documentation for licensing was very high. Visual Quick Notes interested him as a supplement his study process. To sit for the exam once was paramont for him, as repeating costs of time, travel and fees was something he wanted to avoid.

The importance of the service I provide was made clear. No matter if you are studying from an online state site like in Florida or California, where the student must clock in 52 hours to qualify to sit for an exam, or if the online service provides some support videos, or if you are going to classes at state approved brick and mortar locations, or if you are on a self-study program form books you have purchased .... no one has visually mapped the material but Max WISE Publications.

The videos are usually teachers in front of a board going over the online book sequential pages or in the case of the brick and mortar option it is the same. None of it is visually structured and the student can end up spending precious time and money with a review system that doesn't utilize the optimum memorization principles.

Visual Quick Notes will be the best insurance if you are going to online classes or brick and mortar. Our Florida friend has decided to complete his 52 hours so he can legally sit for the Florida exam and then will study with Visual Quick Notes before scheduling.

We also discussed the fact that the state portion of Visual Quick books is currently for Arizona. Yes, this is true, but this portion is only 10 to 15% of the whole exam and even some of that material is common to most states. 70% is the passing score for every state so no matter what state you are in adding Visual Quick Notes to your study process is still the best exam insurance you can get, percentage point by percentage point.

For those states who also have an ethic component to the exam we now have a new Visual Quick Notes Ethics for Insurance now available in book form.

From California to Florida and every state in between, if you're going for your life insurance or your life and health exam Max WISE publications has the best study material to pass the exam.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Life insurance student from California calls

A frustrated student from California called last week. She was very concerned about the life insurance exam and wanted to pass it on the first time but was doubtful. I could sympathize with her dilemma, as I know what it is like to try and study from the conventional approach. One of things I explained, which makes the learning challenging is that, if there is no previous association with the material, it is difficult to have a CONCRETE or VISUAL understanding as to what they are discussing. First of all, it is primarily contracts, laws, or legal terms so there is nothing visual or solid about it. From a physical standpoint an insurance policy is a piece of paper printed with the agreement. They used to be made pretty with etchings of an eagle, and a lady holding a lamp maybe, but now they are quite plain. Your lucky to get a company logo.

In order for our minds to memorize we need a visual anchor. Even if people think they are not needing a visual reference point they are in some capacity because that's how our minds work. It could come from an audio source, but once that visual anchor is established, the mind builds on that. If the task is to put to memory terms that have no spacial context, that are just laws and definitions, AND the study curriculum is all the same size, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, page after page, it can be very frustrating. The mind will shut off, get sleepy, get board or frustrated. I have an associate who said the only way she passed the bar was to map the whole thing. She had graphs plastered all over her dorm room. Drove her roommate nuts, but she passed. (In fact some people who practice insurance often go through a career transition into law, because it's more of the same.)

Back to my new California friend, it was interesting that she called at that point because the mapping of the California life and health exam test prep is underway. The new book and eStudy will be finished asap, starting with the Ethics section which will be put up free as a public service. She bought the Visual Quick Notes™Life Insurance book and is also using the eStudy material in color. 85% of the existing material is applicable to all states so it is a fantastic study guide for any state exam preparation. We've got a special going on thru September. If you buy the book you get the eStudy free. Call me at the office, 623-444-6707 to make arrangements.

Friday, April 15, 2011

When Elleyne showed me her new book

With 32 years in customer service, 19 of them in the insurance industry, I've always been interested in helping people understand what is happening with their issues. These issues can be as simple as a client trying to understand why their policy requires higher premium or helping an agent understand a complex concept, such as a 412(I), defined benefit, plan. When Elleyne showed me her new book, I was very impressed with the method she used. Although I took my insurance test a number of years ago, (they had just gone from paper to computers) I knew of a number of people who struggled to get through the process. Their complaint was that it just didn't make sense. Since I use diagrams and pictures when I am training agents, I really felt this was the answer.

I was flattered when she asked me to review her information and come up with some scenarios to help explain the different ideas presented. In 19 years, I have accumulated a number of stories and was pleased to lend a hand. I hope you'll find them helpful in achieving your goal, and passing the test.
– Diane Montoya, Insurance Professional –
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New York Life Calling ...

Recently had a student call me from New York. Been getting several students from that area recently. He was very happy to have the Visual Quick Notes Life & Health eStudy to use for exam prep. There was a lot of pressure on the job to pass the exam within a particular time period so was remarking how easy the mapping totally organized the subject for him. This saved the time, effort, and anxiety he would have had to use to do it himself. The existing study material just didn't do it for him.
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